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Growing up in Los Angeles, Ahmet Zappa was always surrounded by incredible artists and their work. Over time, he found himself curating his own collection that not only included some of the world’s greatest photographers but also strange and alluring curiosities he stumbled across at yard sales. This deep appreciation for art took another turn more recently through his involvement in music estate management when he unearthed previously unseen photo archives that blew his mind. An idea began to form, and when he spoke about it with those closest to him, they all began to share artwork that meant so much to them. A HALOS & ARROWS family quickly formed around a unified mission: joining forces to bring the best of the best to the public in the most impressive way possible and at the highest level.

To this end, HALOS & ARROWS is the sum total of years of friendships and personal discoveries.

“I wanted to combine this opportunity with my lifelong passion for pop culture, creating the ultimate destination for awesome art. Scale was important too. I kept thinking, how do I take the larger-than-life emotional connection I have to these things and turn them into experiences?”

The H&A team continues to stay busy lining up upcoming galleries and limited-edition releases that truly must be seen to be believed – a new wave of amazing artists, rare collections, and surprise drops from our photography legends – all sharing their passion for the power of visual storytelling.


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